Clearing sessions, Counseling, Life Path Consulting and Readings
with Roshandra Reiki Master * Arch Angel Raphael * Arch Angel Airriel

Healing is an Art and a Gift...since childhood people have sought me for the wisdom and compassion that is carried within the Soul of a Healer and Guide for others.   In a Session the 'Holding a Space' for Resonance and Clearing is created and allows the client to shift, release, let go, and Balance in Vibration.  This is Soul space and Angelic Healing of the Seventh Dimension.  

Arch Angel Raphael came into my direct experience many years ago in a Chapel when i was in prayer. The Book of Tobit became open and this Presence of A A Raphael flooded the church and into the energy field and my aura...since then i have been most blessed having Raphael walk with me and be near.   I am a Reiki Master and Angelic conduit and work with Polarity additionally.  Long distance healing work and counseling ON LINE and in private sessions. CLEARING sessions for Harmony.

Blessings Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphael * Arch Angel Airriel  Reiki Master...  

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                                             On going Sacred Retreats and Gatherings at Mt.Shasta, California

Also, Paris, France, Rose Ley Line Alchemy workshops.  Ley Line workshops in England.  

SERVICES: REIKI Classes, home FENG SHUI and Business Consultations and SACRED Jewerly. 

Clearing sessions for SPACE and GRID Ley Lines, energy dowsing and Blessings.  NAMASTE'