The Basics...bath time                  Daily detox bathing is essential

  The use of sea salt or Himalayan Pink salt is one of the most important ingredients mixed with equal parts of Baking Soda.  SOAK DAILY in this...half cup salt to half cup baking soda.   DETOX BATH par Excellence'. 

Hydrate often with FRESH PURE WATER or Green Tea or sip all day long with HOT Pure Water.  This hydrates the body cells.

Massage as often as you can.   STONE massages are excellent as are all AROMATHERAPY Oil Massages.

Exercise walk outside, yoga and visit nature often.

Meditate daily for 20 minutes.  At New and Full Moon times meditate for three days during each key cycle.  This is going to aid your psychic awareness and balance you.

REIKI is amazing.  Schedule an energy session.   Accupuncture is also an excellent way to help your body health.

DAILY take a moment to LIGHT a candle, go into aura clearing visually, and then seal your AURA and finish with GROUNDING and with GRATITUDE.    Practice these BASICS regularly for a clear energy FIELD and AURA. 

 Blessings Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphael