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done on [email protected]  CHAT messenger.

at the time of your Booking your confirmation of you session is done as your payment is received.

you may email and book and payment options are:

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CLEARING normally works best in THREE sessions and all Counseling has a follow up contact and sessions are done via [email protected]  The Sessions are all recorded via I M and you may print them after the sessions easily and review them later.   

Triggering during your session is what causes you to release and let go and the healing is the Balancing of your energy and clarity after the sessions.  Soul work is very gentle, deep, but extremely powerful.  I have been doing this work for over 22 years and also Retreat groups to Mt. Shasta and Ascension work.  ALso house energy and Feng Shui and Angelic Blessings and Grids on Ley Lines...all for Better Health, Balance, Spiritual Light and Harmony.  

Please email if you have any questions about a session or coaching you may be interested in for longer one on one work.  This type of guidance creates remarkable growth, positive healing and empowering movement.  Many Blessings Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphel  * Arch Angel Airriel

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Clearing, Guidance and Coaching 

Services and Fees:   all sessions must be Prepaid

Clearing session (1 hour )   $144

Clearing sessions core issues ( 3 - 1 hour sessions) one week apart and a 21 day healing period 

  $333 prepaid...

Coaching and Executive Guidance sessions

   2 Hour beginning session $250 which may be spaced to TWO - one hour sessions.

3 one hour sessions for coaching package is $330   Which may be broken up to half hour sessions

Coaching packages for 2 weeks - 3 weeks - 4 weeks - or 6 weeks is according to client need and agreed amount of time.  Those sessions are on retainer and client draws off the TIME.  Hourly rate is $110 or $100 per hour according to amount of time packaged for support and brainstorming and guidance.   This is ONE on ONE private sessions with an ACTION PLAN on implementing GOALS.

It takes Three weeks for a new pattern and structure to be in place and modify life patterns. 

Coaching is the reinforcement for this and support so the changes become a new platform for Life.

Readings and Divination

Readings ( 50 minutes to 1 hour Tarot)  $111 - $144

 2 hour intensive executive session) $250

Brief half hour Sessions are available $55

Email three questions $44

REIKI and Angelic energy Clearing Healing   Services:

Angelic long distance Arch Angel Clearing 

30 minutes     $55 


Angelic long distance clearing 40 minutes $66           

Arch Angel and Guardian Angel Attunement 

(1 hr) $110

this will Boost angelic energies, white light and your personal guardian angel and arch angels around your energy and aura.  

all sessions are SENDING energies while we are on line connection via [email protected]

Puja ( pronounced pooja) 

                A Sacred Offering to Spirit

Pujas for Full and New Moon periods

Pujas for Home Blessings

Pujas for New Business Blessings

Pujas for clearing Karma

Pujas for Ascension Three Lower Chakra Codes

Astrology Charts and Readings.

Base Natal chart with a one hour on line session also includes an Astrology WHEEL chart and a report.    $144

Base Natal chart, ASTEROIDS, Relationship information on archetype, plus CURRENT TRANSITS.  One hour session on line and natal chart, report includes Asteroids too. $250

Birth baby natal Chart $140

RELATIONSHIP Compatibility chart  $250


 Business Charts

   Vedic Astrology and GEMS .Charts also 

FENG SHUI and Interior Design with Roshandra


Consultations and Services.

Clearing sessions of energy of home/office

Clearing of property land and ley lines

Blessing of home and grid  $250- $350 or bid

FENG SHUI consulation for 2,000 square feet space includes clearing, blessing and placement design work also 'cures' necessary.  $550

Color Palettes for Home, Business or Executive suites  Bid per space $140 for a room  - $220 small home office - small corporate office $440 - 

nursery or child's room $110   

Entire home, condo, or apartment begins $550

this includes COLOR PAINT Samples 

Long distance work is available also.

Real Estate work and Staging and FENG SHUI

Clients on both coasts of the United States, also Arizona and Texas.  Europe England and France.

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August 20 at 12:24pm ·

from CHRIS OSBORN, Australia 

POSTED on FACEBOOK in Sophia GAIA group with Roshandra )

Chris Osborn I would love to share the amazing healing session I had with you a few weeks ago. Although I've been to 3 psychics for healing and past life regression in the last 5 years, this was the first time I've ever had a long distance healing session! The only thing that has even come close to the healing I felt withRoshandra Simone was with a Shaman in the sacred valley in Peru 2012!

Word of warning – Roshandra writes incredibly quickly with a lot of detailed information with the minimum words to explain exactly what she’s feeling - – so I found it good to come back to it and re-read her words again in my own time and understand more of what she was trying to tell me. The fact that I could go back over my healing session was amazing – because each time I reread it, I got something more out of it – much better I found for me than trying to remember what the healer said in a face to face healing!

I also understand the words aren't the most important part of a healing – but if a healer can help energise your chakras - this by far is the best medicine for physical, mind and spiritual healing to happen I believe!

Well with Roshandra – I got both! 

About 15 mins into the session I could feel my solar plexus and belly button area buzzing (like I got with the shaman healing) and then she wrote I am just sending you some energy to you lower chakras- I had a massive smile on my face like a Cheshire cat as I knew that I was going to be on cloud 9 for a few hours after the session! And I was!

Roshandra speaks from her heart and is honest (blunt) and I loved it. She tells you what she feels which isn't necessarily what you want to hear – depends how far you are along with your internal work I suppose!

Thank you Roshandra! You have really helped me connect much more to my spiritual side through your focus of energy and attention and intention in the reading you gave me. I sense now I was meant to meet you, but I am still learning to connect with my more psychic feminine side.

I’ve felt subtle things changing in me in the last few weeks since your healing. So thank you! I am sure you get lots of these kinds of messages from people you support and I just wanted you to know that you really made a difference in my life. I am sure this can’t be coincidence. I am sure I must have made an arrangement to meet you in the 3D world from the spirit world.

For me after a healing with a real professional that knows their craft - I always find for me there are a few days of up then there is confusion and a few days down and then there is clarity - as my body and mind adjust to the increased chakra energy and my closer connection to my soul and who I really am.

Things are looking up for this planet. What drew me to Roshandra was her work on clearing ley lines specifically 188 ley line – check out her video on youtube -


Angela Tyman Once again Roshandra ~ an amazing session ~ leaving me feeling clear, grounded and connected. Two specific things we spoke of manifested within 24 hours of our sessions. And there was a tremendous shift in the energy at my business office today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your gifts and heart-centered healing. Each session is loving, nurturing and clearing. Amazing! Many Blessings to you and your work ~ thank you for your service in this regard!   


Angela Tyman Roshandra is a truly gifted healer. The energy clearing sessions brought up and cleansed so many things that were slowing me down. I am a Reiki Master and can attest that in order to keep your vibration at an optimum level ~ to consult and connect with someone who works from a pure place of Love as Roshandra does ~ is a blessing. Once the session was complete ~ everything moved fast ~ cleared fast ~ moved forward. Amazing! Thank you. Namaste.

Susie Ekberg Risher · 3 mutual friends
I can only say that I was divinely led to Roshandra Simone - I have no problems with the higher realms and chakras, but man, those lower chakras are toughies! But Roshandra was able to help ease me through my blockages and help ground me a new way that brings me real clarity and total healing. She is very gifted in the ways of holistic healing and I am a VERY picky client - I hardly trust ANYONE to work with me, but Roshandra? Trusted her immediately and for me, that's saying something!

October 19, 2011 ~ Clearing Session Client Samantha ~~~ I found my clearing session with Roshandra to be extremely powerful and profound. I was able to let go of patterns that had not been serving me for a LONG time. Roshandra also gave me excellent tools to continue to move forward in my healing process on my own. I am deeply grateful for her energy and work! It has made quite an impact on changing my life and moving me towards my dreams and full potential!!

I hope you are wonderful Roshandra! Thanks again. I am still feeling the effects of our sessions in powerful ways!!!

Many Blessings,
Samantha Ray
Genesis Owner/Coach
[email protected]