Roshandra is a REIKI Master and a Conduit for Angels.  Arch Angel Raphael is the angel of healing.  He is also the arch angel of Environments, Renassaince Art, City designs, Ley Line work, Magic, and over all Guardian Angels.  He is a constant energy that works with all the Clearing sessions.


I am a REIKI Master.i also have a Transpersonal Counseling skill that aids the people i work with on both a psychology level and also a metaphysical and karma level. Much of the counseling that occurs in a session is TRIGGERING energy blocks or patterns that limits or prevents the SOUL Growth.... the psychology shifts or changes in stages during these very deep energy Healing Sessions releases the mind and emotion to CLEAR itself...

As a Reiki Master ...i have the ability to SEND LONG DISTANCE energy extremely well and powerfully. I do hands on work on large animals..Horses and also in the FENG SHUI work on Properties/Houses/Buildings/Land/LEY it is VERY Strong and something i am gifted in working in larger parcels of energies and architecture and with Land of Gaia...In a SESSION the sending of my energies is always clearly FELT...but received long distance in a FILTERED method that allows it to be softer, gentle, and Subtle.   

I also have the gift of bilocation so folks tell me THEY FEEL me standing next to them in the session work even though I am miles away and do this on the INTERNET...

My background is in Nursing and later a degree in Interior Design...but i found that my Spiritual Healing gifts in both Mediums was to AID ON Energy and Health Clearing...Counseling and Energy Balancing. 

I also am trained in Polarity besides REIKI. Arch ANGEL Raphael is the KEY arch angel that works with me and is been with my energy aura since as long as i can remember. I am also a conduit for angels.

HOW A SESSION WORKS: all my work is done ON LINE...LONG DISTANCE via a session through my Gmail account. It is peaceful and angelic for the SENDING of the energy through that medium. INSTANT MESSENGER is the way we communicate and you will FEEL my energy. The Clearing is a combination of triggering questions i ask or some of it is READING you and finding the THREAD to unravel the blocks or aid the processes of growth and healing. I HOLD An ENERGY Resonance field that ALLOWS the Healing and the CLEARING to happen. The client is guided through the process along with my working into the Chakras to release the blocks and cords and BACK FILLING the LIGHT to Harmonious colors and Balance....that is the LIGHT Treatment of of htis works.

I have a procedure and the client sets up the space before the session so this creates a portal for dimensional energies and healing while i do the's very smooth, gentle, strong, powerful, and compassionate. It is uplifting while calming and then very GROUNDING when done.

By working off the NET to do the session .....i am able to aid the client's MIND to focus and to be fully ABSORBED in reading the exchange on the Screen and there by keeping their emotions calmer while triggering the release and or often emotional tears. That is a sign of it all working while things CLEAR. This is extremely effective while being very deep and intimate. This is SOUL Space and very Balanced in Technique in how i do this work

Well I HOPE that gives you a LITTLE more information on how this works and the Services i provide .....i do not do PHONE work...i find that distracting and this technique i work with actually breaks the pattern of why folks use a phone. Sessions ARE
 extremely productive and focusing and with remarkable Results....

Blessings Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphael