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Venus, the Goddess of Love and the Heart...Pujas with Roshandra ...

Love and the Heart

Painting; The Birth of Venus by Robert Fowler  


"This is a Roman holiday; "Veneralia", the holiday of Venus (Aphrodite to the Greeks), the goddess of love and death, of orchards and sexuality. This celebration appeared to be the practice peculiar to women, who washed the image of the goddess in rivers and lakes before again adorning her with precious jewels and a new long robe. The women burned incense to her in her aspect of good fortune, to ensure happy love, birth and joy in their lives.
It isn't an accident that April fools day grew from this most emotional and sensuous observance, is it not love that makes fools out of Kings? Or Queens?...
April fools originates from this event when all kinds of foolishness were acted out to venerate the goddess, symbolizing love's rule over logic.
on this day, lover's ordered each other on senseless errands in proof of their love and devotion". Zsuzsanna E. Budapest

Pujas and Love Attraction: with Roshandra

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 Working with Hindu Deity, Egyptian ISIS, Orisha Deity of Oshun and Yemaya and also the Planet of VENUS.  Arch Angelic energies, candles, moon time rituals, river and ocean offerings.  Baths also and essential oil Blends.  VENUS of the Heart...


July 22nd, 2013  One of my CLIENTS i worked with a few months ago on a previous relationship she had and we did some Inner work and Homework she had.... now please read what has occurred in her LIFE...TRUE story..... thank you Cristela Nunez for allowing me to share your private message from my RELATIONSHIP and LOVE GROUP.... enjoy sweetie this is how it can be and Should be ♥ ♥ They are an ANGELIC TWIN couple Love relationship... i discuss this type in my BOOK Twin Love also....    THE CLIENT'S Testimoney:::Cristela Nunez My love is 19 years older than. Met him while at the laundromat after one long day of running around. I was at my most simple self appearance wise waiting on my clothes when I first noticed him from the corner of my eye. He approached and we talked and INSTANT connection, intellectually and SPIRITUALLY. We exchanged numbers and the constant synchronicities, colors, perspectives, food we found commonalities in ALL. He has remained most RESPECTFUL and MINDFUL of each and every need and want of mine. The connections, signs between him and I just keep FLOWING through. We are both MINDFUL of them and GRATEFUL.

This is a BEAUTIFUL Example of how LOVE SHOWS up and just HAPPENS...Blessings of LOVE

Twin Love by Roshandra - Practical guide on Issues of the Heart, Twin Flames and type of TWIN LOVE also on Soul Mates. 

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Novella Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone'  contains the CYGNUS CODES for Love Twins

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Love and Venus Ritual Pujas

Moon times of New and Full Moon allow Venus to draw Love unions and this AVALON Portal that is open on our planet from the Glastonbury Heart Charka for Gaia... All things work together to conspire Love of the Highest Kind...  

Services Clearing of energies and the past.  Divorce and Love that was to complete so New Love could renew and enter your Life.

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Novella Alleandrea, his Beloved by R.M.Simone'  contains the CYGNUS CODES for Love Twins

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